December 14, 2009

4 legs mechanic , part II

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I made another video of the walking motion after ajusting the length of one of the two arms that connects the rotation gear to the 2 elements of one leg.
That time the 2 connecting arm are not the same length, and the walking motion is less jerky and jumpy , thus we gain in stability of the engine.
At this point, the engine walks in the reverse way it should, according to the 2d simultation : i’ve checked that the length of the torque-transmission arms are very important, and modifying the length is reversing the walk motion,thats why i had a reverse-motion instead of the awaited one.

The video (poor quality…i’ll made a better one next time ) is available here : 4leg_test_2 (WMV , 4.6Mo video )

After that tests, i’m going to build some solid and strong plexiglass links between the main shaft and the arms (the uncentered wheels just pushed on the shaft are not a good idea), and check for a phi-ratio based configuration :


So now i got to test this water turned to wine. stay tuned !

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