December 15, 2009

4 legs walker : part III

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Today i added 4 foots to the engine and the stability is really good now.
I added grip ability to the foot by adding some rubber bands on the inner side and 2 hot-glue points to the outer side.that looks ugly but works perfectly.

bottom view

bottom view


a closer view of one foot

a closer view of one foot

I made a footage of how the thing is really smoothly moving : click here to watch the video ( 6Mo WMV )
In addition, i made some measurements :
The complete engine weight 425grams.
At 9V, the walking sequence is pulling only 200mA from the power source - wich is a really good thing !
On the videos the engine is powered by an old 9V battery wich cannot supply the needed 200mA of current, so the engine is walking slowly than when it’s powered with the right power source (LiPo , NiMH or other thing )
Of course it cannot turn - but that point will be developped soon. stay tuned !

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