October 8, 2012

Bessler ‘Orffyreus’ wheel : the books and clues

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“Das triumphirende Perpetuum mobile Orffyreanum”

For each picture, click to zoom full size


2nd covert art drawing :
A hole in the next paper sheet of the book has been cut in order to use the same face of bessler in the next art drawing.

3rd covert art drawing ( 2nd cover art drawing’s face is used for that drawing )

Book’s Title :
Latin and german typography are mixed together for the german side , Latin only on the latin side.

On numerous pages of the book, artistic drawings and signs appear :

Page 36, 119, 124  the “L.S” typo :

Page 136  , a mirror reversed drawing with text again.
One can read ‘ORFFYRE’ from left to right,
and “ORFSTH” from right to left , starting from the central “O”.
Then D.M.M.P.M is written ( but P could be a q , mirror reversed )

Page 144 , artistic curves drawing :

Page 145 : Sigma-Tau-Theta

Page 152 : Pi-Rho-Omicron-Sigma-Phi-Omega-Nu-Eta-Mu-Alpha

Remark : the addition of all those page numbers gives 856, wich is the Half of 1712 ,date at wich Bessler claimed to have found the Perpetuum Mobile movement.


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