March 25, 2017

— EHS : Libraries and Files —

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I decided to release many of my home-brew libraries.

This libraries are provided ‘as is’, and you may use it at your own risks for your projects.
I would be pleased to be informed if you are using one of these, modified or not.

Please note that, because it’s ‘home-brew‘ libraries, there is plenty of points where optimizations can apply, and the libs will compile with many warnings (but no errors) because i’m often modifying it, and adding functions or modifying others from time to time, following my active project’s needs - it’s ‘constantly modified libraries’ , which was originally created using SDL 1.2, and it have been upgraded to using SDL 2.0 since about 2 years, but it still holds legacy stuff from the 1.2 SDL version ( feel free to clean-up the things ! )

The documentation for each functions is really missing because i’m the only one to use that libs, actually .
you’ll have to dive into the code to understand the functions , because the tutorial programs which use that function will not explain what they do - the purpose of the tutos  is to explain higher concepts (like for neural nets) - not how my 2d library generates the graphics !

An automatic “folder-index.html” bash script is used to generate the folder’s listing.
For this reason,some files listed by the script are not uploaded to the “eihis.com” web server (they are located on my machine only).

-> I’m uploading only the libraries needed for the tutorials on this website.

The folder’s index is located here : data.eihis.com/common/folder-index.html

In the next tutorials posts, i will publish programs in C, using libraries from the “common/” folder, so the references to the libraries will be made using “../common/Library_name”,

i.e :

#include "../common/EHS2D_V2/file.h"

It’s up to you to create your projects directories on your local drives, at the same place where your ‘common’ folder will be located.

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