February 17, 2018

FLIP32-AIO-Lite (no baro) , first power-on on cleanflight

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Achetée sur hobbyking en février (https://hobbyking.com/en_us/flip32-f3-aio-lite.html?___store=en_us)

configuration pc : linux , ubuntu 16.04

configurateur : cleanflight configurator 2.1.0


- erreur a la premiere connection, sur /dev/ttyUSB0 : Vérifier que l’utilisateur de la session est enregistré dans le groupe ‘dialout’ (linux ! )

- firmware de la flip32 : cleanflight configurator force a reflasher la carte , ou a installer une version plus ancienne de cleanflight-configurator  :(

-> brancher la carte avec les pins ‘boot 0′ court-circuitées (led bleue : fixe, orange fixe) , flasher le firmware apres download depuis internet (options FLASH :  ‘no reboot sequence’ et ‘manual baud rate : 256000′

- déconnecter usb, rebrancher, et ‘connecter’ sur cleanflight-configurator.

RESULTAT : pas de GYRO / pas d’ACCEL….’calibrate accelerometer’ reste grisé.

je suis pasé sur la console ‘CLI’

-> ’status’ affiche CPU Clock=72MHz, mais rien en suivant ( devrait afficher : GYRO=…,ACC=….. )

->forcer la detection en entrant ‘ set acc_hardware=MPU6050′ , save, reboot : rien de changé, toujours pas de GYRO ni ACCEL…. ;’(

Après une matinée de recherches sur les forums ..

downgrade de cleanflight configurator vers la version 1.1

re-flash du FC avec le firmware SPRACINGF3 (!!!) et non pas ‘FLIP32OSD’

reboot, et dans CLI , ’status’ :

# status
System Uptime: 225 seconds, Voltage: 0 * 0.1V (1S battery - NOT PRESENT)
CPU Clock=72MHz, GYRO=MPU6050, ACC=MPU6050.n
Cycle Time: 3500, I2C Errors: 3, config size: 2052

ENFIN !!!.bon, j’ai les nerfs.. les docs sont inexistantes sur cette carte, les réponses sur les forums sont aléatoires.. bref, c’est la jungle.

Reste a configurer l’OSD et faire tourner le tout en liaison ( straps en position OSD-FC )


January 24, 2016

Sky REX drone ( item 350254 , gifi asia )

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There is not much informations about that engine on the WWW.
I shot the manual for anybody needs,before it disappears .(see below)
From the manual, it fully looks like a X5C clone.
Even complete sentences look like the one we found into the X5C user’s manual.
As for the inside board, it does not look like the X5C-10 board.

The inside of the engine is quite difficult to show.
The 4 gears ( brushed motor has a 9 teeth gear) blocs are glued to the plastic top of the engine, and the 4 motor wire pairs are soldered on te board : to disassemble the thing, one has to cut one pair of wires before he can turn back to plastic bottom and access to the electronics.

The boards presents a X297 RX chip and an invensense MPU6052C chip for gyro/accel sensing.

The 4 motor blocs does not use bearings ( wich means the motors gears will not last long if intensively used..)

inside board of the sky rex

inside board of the sky rex

I didn’t cut the wires for now, so here is a shot of the board has it can be seen by twisting the 2 plastic covers at the maximum possible :

Gyro recalibration procedure is ok as written in the user manual.
But the TX/RX pairing procedure does not work with the model i have.
For the pairing to work, i have to power the drone first, then only , start the RC transmitter and do the ‘up’ / ‘down’ left lever procedure.(the user’s manual says one has to power on the transmitter first..)

However, even with this method, it sometimes fail to pair : than, power-off TX, unplug, replug the drone’s battery, re- power on the TX, and try again…

This drone definetely miss a power/off button on it.

front cover sky rex gifi

front cover sky rex gifi


inside the Sky Hawk Eye HM1315 S

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..Burned a brushed motor of the HM1315S SKY HAWKEYE.

The inside board uses an ARM mpu and a MPU6050 ( 3 axis accel + 3 axis gyro  )
The link : here

The motors gears use ball bearings.

EDIT : i received the spare motors from www.gearbest.com .

Since i finally completely removed the board from it’s housing, i can add one more picture ( 5mm squared paper at the backplane )

a 6.5 x 6.5 cm board

a 6.5 x 6.5 cm board


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