January 9, 2014

. Puppy notes (b 3.10.5)

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This is a page related to HOT notes about using PuppyLinux.

  • For ability to compile C code using GCC :
  • Download the devx .sfs file from a mirror , accordingly to the puppy version of linux
  • use utility “system>system>bootmanager configure bootup  Add the devx.sfs file to the additionnal .sfs file list at startup
  • First tries with GCC gives error with missing file ‘/bit/predefs.h’ from ’stdlib.h’
  • Fix it : add a path to GCC  , C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/bin/i386-linux-gnu , then export  . Compilation of ‘hello world’ is now successfull.
  • For permanent add of the link, nano .bashrc (in /root ) add the lines “C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/bin/i386-linux-gnu”  , and “export C_INCLUDE_PATH” , ctrl-o, Yes , ctrl-x

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